NeuroEunoia 2020: A Neuroscience Affair


Picture credit: Brain waves by Tirthankar Gupta

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‘Mega-Preview: Miracles of the Brain’

Announcing the first ever neuroscience conference at University of Delhi

Significance (of the Logo and the Conference)

Logo: The logo is inspired by the need for a healthy mind and, therefore, a mind that is receptive to all opinions. In rhetoric, eunoia is the goodwill a speaker cultivates between themselves and their audience/ A well-mind/ Beautiful Thinking.

Many people would wonder why in a conference logo on neuroscience the need for leaves, well those leaves are from the plant Withania somnifera commonly known as Ashwagandha, Indian ginseng. Some research suggests that Ashwagandha may be able to delay the onset, prevent or even cure such neurodegenerative diseases that cause loss of cognitive function as seen in Alzheimer’s and Dementia disease. So, the meaning of the term ‘NeuroEunoia’ and Ashwagandha lies in returning to nature and healing our mind, body and soul.


According to the 2015 NMHS report one in every twenty people in India are suffering from depression. Generally speaking, it is critical that the current youth be aware of  various mental health related aspects. This is essential for both individual wellbeing and society.

Sleep and mental disorders usually occur at a similar time, and untreated sleep disorders later in life might increase the chances of developing psychiatric conditions, such as depression. It is also important that students realise the importance of sleep, which is the most compromised in the current scenario. Depression, anxiety, and drug abuse are the most common mental problems related to sleep complaints.

Neurodegenerative disorders remain one of the biggest mental health problems. Some  rather age dependent disorders are growing nowadays, as the elderly population has recently risen as a result of developments in medical facilities. It is therefore important that youth become interested in pursuing neuroscience research.

This kind of change needs to be consciously promoted and supported. This Conference is a minuscule effort to mine frontier knowledge and pave the way for a next generation of breakthroughs.

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